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If you’ve been burned by a man who represented himself as a Sugar Daddy, or if you had a bad or frightening experience with an SD or potential, we encourage you to report them here by posting a comment below.

As long as these scammers keep getting away with it, they will continue to burn, harass, or attack women. Only when we band together and raise our voices to out the bad guys will we finally be able to stop them.

While the majority of men who have profiles at dating sites like Seeking Arrangement, Seeking Millionaire, SugarDaddie4Me, Sugar Daddie, or who post SD personals ads on Craig’s List are genuine, this site exists to out those who are not. We are not “anti-Sugar Daddy” – actually, we love this lifestyle and have met some wonderful men through these avenues! Meeting a sugar daddy online can be very exciting, and these arrangements can turn into mutually rewarding relationships.

Again, we repeat – MOST gentlemen who advertise themselves as sugar daddies are real, GOOD GUYS! It’s those few bad apples we ladies have to watch out for.

The fakes, flakes, stalkers, nutcases, and all-around bums out there in the world of SD dating have made it so much more difficult for the GOOD GUYS to get a date, and have made it even more dangerous for Sugar Babes to navigate the already treacherous road of finding an honest, sweet Sugar Daddy. So let’s call the BAD GUYS out on their b.s. and expose them here so that potential SB’s will be alerted and hopefully not make the mistake another girl before her made!

ALL women looking for a Sugar Daddy should cross-reference this website and use the search box at the top of the page to research a potential SD candidate BEFORE agreeing to go out with him. Search his username, city, state, or profile number to find out if he’s already been reported for bad behaviour with previous women — if you’ll take a few minutes to do this before accepting that first date, it could save you a lot of time and headaches. Who knows? It might even save your life.


1) You may post the name, user handle/id and/or profile number of the offender, and the city, state, and country in which they reside. You may post a physical description and/or a link to their SD dating profile/photos. You may include employer info/occupation, email addresses and phone numbers. However much information you choose to include (or not) is up to you. However, please note that names of close family members (wives, children, parents) , street addresses for their home or work, are prohibited. If you post this, your comment will be edited or deleted.

2) Be sure to identify which SD dating site you met them through (Seeking Arrangment, Sugar Daddie, SugarDaddyforMe, AshleyMadison, Backpage, Craig’s List, etc..). You may quote their profile or paste a link to it in your complaint below. You DO NOT have to identify yourself or give your profile/user id unless you choose to make that information public. The whole purpose for this site is for women to be able to post their stories without fear of retaliation from the men they are posting a complaint against. We ask only that you provide a valid email address should one of our site administator’s need to contact you regarding your post. This information will NEVER be shared with ANYONE else. Again, you MUST provide a valid email address or your report will not get posted! This is required!

3) Please be as specific as possible in your complaint: give a full rundown of events and what exactly happened. How did this man describe himself, what promises did he make, what promises did he default on? If he made you feel uncomfortable, attempted to sexually harass or abuse you, or stalked you, please share as many details as you can without compromising your identity or safety. What happened when the date didn’t go well or the relationship ended? If you were abused, did you file charges? If you were stalked, did you have to file a protective order against him? The more details you can provide, the better other women in a similar situation can learn the red flags to watch out for when screening a potential SD.

4) Do not use obscene language or graphic descriptions of sexual activity, unless it is a direct quote from a private exchange you had with this individual (such as, if he specifically demanded sexual acts from you in exchange for money, used sexually harassing/insulting language to you, etc…). You may post excerpts from any pertinent written communications you had with the offender, such as email, IM, text messages or letters here, but PLEASE be sure to remove any identifying information about yourself such as your phone numbers, personal email addresses, home address, etc… before posting it below.

5) You understand and agree that by reporting a fake sugar daddy here you are solely and legally responsible for anything you say. Your opinions and experiences are wholly your own, and we encourage you to share them, but posting libelous attacks strictly for the sake of vengeance or to destroy an innocent man’s reputation will not be tolerated. Consider very carefully what you post and what the personal and legal ramifications for you might be BEFORE you post anything here. We are not responsible for the user-submitted content on this site. We do our best to double-check reports when there is some doubt or dispute (that’s why you must provide a working email address), but there’s just no way we can police every single comment to ensure whether or not it is accurate.

6) This blog is run BY women FOR women, and only Sugar Babes may post here. Men are NOT allowed to post here at all. Guys, it’s not that we aren’t sympathetic to the fact that there are plenty of scamming women out there on these SD dating websites too, and that there’s two sides to every story. But we don’t want to get in the middle of flame wars/disputes between feuding SD’s and SB’s. That is why we are only interested in hearing one side of the story on this blog: the ladies’ side. Gents, if you want to defend yourself, tell your side of the story, or help protect other legitimate SD’s from fake Sugar Babes or Sugar Mammas, we heartily encourage you to go start your own website. You’d be providing a valuable service to the SD dating community as well.

7) If you previously filed a report and wish to have it removed from the blacklist, please post a comment requesting removal if the original alert. YOU MUST INCLUDE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS! We will contact you privately to verify that the removal request really comes from you, that you and the gentleman have in fact worked out the issue, and that you are are not changing your mind under any duress or threat. Then – and only then – will your alert be removed from the list.

8 – If you are a man and feel your name has been reported to the blacklist in error, please see this page for instructions on how to have your name removed.

All that having been said, post away, ladies! Just fill out the “comment” form below. All comments are moderated, so please be patient while we review them all. Your comment should appear on the site within 24-48 hours. You will recieve an email letting you know when it has been approved.


52 Responses to “Report A Bad Guy”

  1. Maryland Babe Says:

    How many of you ladies in the US and Canada have gotten this generic spam email from Michael in toronto?

    I’ve gotten this exact same email THREE TIMES over the past two years!

    From: Sugar Daddy – 63412


    Just saw your profile and – needless to say -I was VERY impressed … with your appearance certainly but I also got the impression – just from your profile and picture – that you are also VERY intelligent!!

    I’m a photographer and videographer from TORONTO, Canada … I shoot for a number of major publications, most notably MAXIM, FHM and I do some work with PLAYBOY on their “Special Editions”. I travel extensively (USA, EUROPE and the CARIBBEAN mainly) and, while I work in an industry awash with beautiful women, I have grown increasingly disillusioned with the “shallowness” of it all. I am much more interested in spending my time with a woman who carries with her an aura of “inner beauty” as well.

    I LOVE anything to do with the water (beaches, swimming, scuba, sailing … hell, a kid’s wading pool if that’s all I got!!). I also enjoy fine dining, first-class travel and exploring exotic locales … off to Thailand and Bali next month!! I LOVE to PAMPER and PLEASE but, hey, I guess that goes with the territory on THIS site!! I’m 42, 5′10″, 170, brown hair, brown eyes … work out regularly and am fighting “Father Time” with all that I’m worth!!

    Although this would be a “Sugar-Daddy” type arrangement, I’m still looking for someone that I “click” with and have some chemistry with …. as I’m sure you are. You’re far too classy a woman to devote your time to someone who you don’t admire and respect … ditto for me. I am extremely picky about who I devote my precious little bit of spare time to so you should accept the fact that I have chosen to contact you as a sincere compliment.

    I would like to find someone who is available to travel and who enjoys the finer things in life …. fine dining, first-class travel, luxury hotels, shopping, etc. It’s not the ultimate but I must admit I do get a quiet sense of inner satisfaction when I look over at my companion and know that every single thing she is wearing is something I picked out for her …. and I’ve been told I have EXCELLENT taste. I LOVE sexy clothes … lingerie …. clubwear, etc. ….. on YOU by the way (just making sure!!) and I’ve been told by women that I’m “the last of the romantics”.

    I travel approximately 7 to 10 days per month …. mainly the Caribbean and Europe …. and to California on business. I take care of all the travel arrangements, of course …. you just have to show up and look your best!! (Who says it’s a MAN’S world!!)

    I’m considered passionate, sensuous and giving …. I get pleasure by giving pleasure and I LOVE spending time with someone who does the same. I’m very supportive of those I choose to spend time with and I truly enjoy playing a “mentor” type role in the lives of my loved ones.

    If any … or all …. of this appeals to you, can you please contact me by phone or e-mail … or feel free to leave me a number where you can be reached. (A TEXT to my cell works fine to “break the ice” too.) Let’s get to know each other and see where it goes from there. (If you’re up for it, I’d actually prefer if you just give me a call … I’m not into endless e-mails back and forth and I’m a VERY easy person to talk to.)



    (private email home and cell numbers deleted)

    btw, I’ve sent him a reply twice and never get a human response. I think he is a computer, not a person!

    His profile is here:

    Username: MichaelSMail

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    WATCH out gals for the guy named “Mike” seeking arrangements profile number 199297. He is a huge scamer. He states he is from St. Joseph Missouri but has a home on Star Island where is main residence is but he also says he has many homes around the U.S.. ie California, Vail, New York. And travels the world on a 747. He says he is worth 50 – 100 milllion his occupation is a CEO/Attorney. He says that he is an investment broker for the top 10% wealthiest people in the world which Bill Gates is one of them.He has 6 body guards.He says he is license atty in 38 states and he travels to 6 countrys. He also said when I googled him when I could not find him or his company that he is very private and high profile and that is why I could not find him. ( And I believed him) He also says he graduated from Harvard as well as his father. And his son was just in a car accident so he was not able to attend in Sept. but will be attending after the first of the year.
    He is a very smooth talker and makes you feel very special. DON’T BUY IT!
    His profile says ” I have the money-Do U have the time?
    I am not sure what he wanted with me but just to see how far I would believe him. Which I totally bought it hook line and sinker. He told me he was going to take me to St. Barts (my father just passed away two months ago) and I needed to get a way. When he did not show up on his 747 Ha.. I knew it was a scam…………. boy do I feel foolish….
    after this I have been investigating and he has a huge rap sheet and has a warrent out for his arrest. I don’t believe he even has a home.. he has been kicked out of apts. hotels etc.

    Still at this point I do not know what he wanted with me since we never met but thank God because I am not sure what he would have done to me.

  3. Julia Says:

    There is another dude on Seeking Arrangement who is running a scam like Michael in Toronto, he’s trolling for girls who will model for his um, “erotic photography buiness?” He’s not offering any pay, of course!

    He goes by the handle “dfwphotographer.” Not worth 5 minutes of yr time.

    Unless of course you actually WANT to travel to Ft. Worth and take your clothes off for some perv…….

  4. DiamondsRAGirlsBestFriend Says:

    OMG, I got that same email from Michael in toronto, too! He sounded kinda interesting so I wrote back and called the number, absolutely nothing.

    Don’t know what this guy is selling, or what the scam is…maybe he’s just trying to get some hot chicks to pose nude for his uh, photography business? Trying to tellthem they’re going to be america’s next big porn star?

    Anyway, really helpful site. Thank you for doing this!

  5. Alena Says:

    Randall in Las Vegas, claims to be a sports agent with income of $5 mil+:

    Spams ladies on the site all over the USA. Then quickly disappears.

  6. Alena Says:

    Here is a link to Randall’s profile:

  7. Je678 Says:

    Username: Merlin
    Location: Pflugerville, TX
    Site: Seeking Arrangment

    Strange dude, is living w/ a woman he is not married to, in love with, but is not having sex with. Says she is soon moving out and now he wants a sugar baby, but that he does not want a sexual relationship to start out. The whole time we were out together, all he did was talk about the other woman he’s in love with. Did not want to talk about an arrangement.

    Turns out he’s broke. No money to pay a monthly allowance. Wants to find a girl to move into his house, care for him 24/7, work for him as a personal assistant and recieve no finanicial compensation.

    • lisa Says:

      I had this guy contact me way back about a year ago. I wrote back and he disappeared. He’s been on there forever

    • jade Says:

      haha he has contacted me several times, loves making tons of false promises that sounded like a crap.

  8. Melissa Says:

    Username: c hri s – Member ID: 228233
    Seeking Arrangement

    Located in Los Angeles, contacted me in Oct. 08. Several texts and IM convos later, he says he wants a girlfriend but doesn’t have any money.

    Wanted me to travel for first meeting to visit him on MY DIME.


  9. DelightfulDeliliah Says:

    Username Jay

    From Houston, TX.

    Claims in his profile to be worth btwn 10-50million, but complains about providing assistance monthly in the range of $1,000-3,000? I don’t think so!

  10. CBnTX Says:

    Anybody here get this spam/scam email from Dr Tony on Seeking Arrangement?

    From: Sugar Daddy – 224087
    To: Sugar Baby F – 98206
    Subject: Hi—I am for real and loved your profile

    Hi :
    How are you doing ? My name is Anthony and I am a doctor based here in Dallas (I can travel to ****your city name here ***) and loved what I saw in the pictures (you are gorgeous)and in your profile. I am 32 (I am very mature for my age I have been told) and single. Looking for a friend and a girl who I can spoil and have as my best friend and may be more who would be willing to spoil me in return with love and affection. I am honest and straight forward. Look forward to hearing back from you soon……..Tony


    Probably a fake profile photo…looks like some movie star I can’t name right off the bat. We exchanged a few emails then he called me, wanted to talk about specific sexual acts and money, which made me feel very uncomfortable. Kept asking what my fantasies were, wanted me to get into grahpic talk about what kind of sex I like, etcccc….asks me if I can bring one of my girlfriends for our first date and do a 3-way because it’s supposedly his birthday and he wants to have alittle aprty. Asks me if I had ever worked before as a stripper or an escort. Asks if he can give my number to some of his friends and if we hook up, says he wants me to call him and just let him listen to us having ex over the phone and offers to pay me for it. Just to listen to me screwing his friend? No!

    I did not consent and never spoke to him again. But get this: he gave my private cell phone number to several other guys (or maybe he’s just a whacko using a spoofcard to disguise his voice), who have since called me at all hours of the night from private/anonymous numbers wanting phone sex!!! All are from the Dallas area. 214, 972 area codes.

    Careful! This guy will give out your telephone number without your permission and your phone will be ringing with obscene harassing calls!

  11. Laura Says:

    In response to a SD personals ad on Craig’s List (I would post a link but the ad has been flagged and removed), a guy proporting to be an SD took me out to dinner then offered me money for sex in the parking lot of the restaurant when he walked me out to my car after the date!

    He offered $200 bucks if I would get into his truck with him…because, get this, he didn’t have a home to take me to (claimed his roommate locked him out so that’s why he’s sleeping in his truck, yah right) and was too cheap to get a hotel room, a thousand excuses….when all he was looking for was a prostitute!!! I told him I was NOT a prostitute and would not engage in anything illegal.

    His first name is Michael and he works for the Lt. Governor’s office. He lives in Elgin, Texas…and in his truck!

  12. Melissa Says:

    Seeking Arrangement, profile #76463. Goes by Danny. Name is really Dean.

    His profile &pic:

    Located in Savanna, GA.

    This guy just wants to waste your time on yahoo chat, wants u to send him naked pics of yourself (which he probably collects for his own personal jollies). Also, the pics he sent me of himself look nothing like the guy pictured in his SA profile. Not even the same dude.

    Has no intention of setting up an arrangement. Just wants nudie pics. IGNORE!

    • fakesdreports Says:


      Ha ha Danny now how many times has he contacted me, lol Everytime I update my profile I get an email from him, and i’m old enough to be his mother

  13. Racheal Says:

    seeking arrangement, profile #71997 Name is Carlos

    His profile & pic

    This guy is very dishonest and in my opinion has no intentions of an arrangement, just wants pics and/or kinky phone conversations. His profile states he is a social drinker but yet he said he does not drink (just to show he tells you what you want to hear) he said he is worth $5-$10 mil and makes $200-250K but could not come up with $800. which was his arrangement price he through out there. After lots of txting and conversations, 2 days before we were to meet he wanted to know if I would take credit card, gift cards because he did not and could not come up with cash. Does this sound like someone who can make an arrangement? I don’t think so…

  14. sUGARgURL Says:

    sUGARgURL says:
    This guy on Seeking arrangement has been spamming/scamming girls in the Austin, TX area (two of my girlfriends have profiles on Sa and got the exact same email from him also, on more than one occasion). His user handle is Rich his profile # is 255248. He lives in Round rock, TX.

    I went on one date with this guy and he did not want to answer any of my specific questions about the kind of arrangment he was looking for. As the conversation went on, it became clear that he was in no finanicial position to support a woman and he finally admitted that he was “struggling financially”. His idea of being a sugar daddy was to find a girl to move into the “spare apartment” behind his house out in the country (which sounded more like a barn), and provide no other financial support for her.

    Weirdest proposal I’d ever heard. Actually, he was just a weird guy. Seemed nice over the email, and in person…uh, until the subject of a monthly allowance came up. Then his demeandor turned pretty rude and insulting and he soon just got up and left, which was fine by me!

    But it gets better…about a month later, he sends me another one of his generic “hi, I’m a pilot, let’s fly sometime!” introductory emails, just exactly like the one he sent me and my friends before. I guess he didn’t recognize me or remember that we’d met before and that the date didn’t go so well. So I don’t know if this guy is dangerous or just dumb, but he gave me a very weird vibe and doesn’t have money to support an SB, so ladies don’t waste your time on him.

  15. sUGARgURL Says:

    Sorry, forgot to give a link to his profile:

  16. DiamondsRAGirlsBestFriend Says:

    sugargurl, the guy you reported as Rich has at least one other profile on the Seeking Arrangementsite. he is also known as username James, profile id 235177. He contacted me in Sept. 08.

    I notic his “James” account and profile have now been deleted. So he’s back as “Rich?” Wow, thanks for the info…good to know!

  17. laura smarter than some dumb guy Says:

    I met this guy named Jim O—— trader1234 on

    He is a humongous scammer con artist and want to be rock star. He lives in NYC and LONG ISLAND. He tells girls he is “looking for a relationship” and not an “arrangement” he says this so he can spend time with you/have sex with you and not give you anything while pretending he may (if you are so lucky) decide to make you his gf.

    When at dinner I asked him if he was going to take care of the person he was “pretending to date” he shook his head and said no. He has money but is not generous and was a total waste of time.

    This guy works in real estate and plays guitar and piano. he thinks he is young and hot. he’s not he’s a forty year old loser. He also will talk about his exgf who he started dating when she was 19 (ew) and left high and dry when she was 24.

    Do not trust guys who say they are looking for a relationship and not an arrangement.

  18. Shawnna Says:

    this guy mike from chinatown dc, married with kids

    claims to be bi looking for a girly to be submissive with and help him find the right guy…

    we met, drank talked went to one of his favorite places in the city and then he asked did i want him to get a me a soda, and never came back, i was stranded and alone.

  19. Julia Says:

    Username: SnowSnow
    Location: California

    Steer clear of SnowSnow. He is DANGEROUS and hates women. He says his name is George Brenner, and claims he lives in Santa Barbara (when you ask where in California he lives), cell phone # 805-xxx-9340, email g— His profile states he makes over 1M/annually, and has a net worth of over 10M. He claims to have a home at Beaver Creek, and also Lakers floor seats. Within a couple emails, he invited me to visit him a Beaver Creek, and offered to pay all trip expenses, including a First Class round-trip plane ticket, 3 nights hotel at the Ritz Calton Bachelor Gulch/Beaver Creek in my own suite, and lift tickets for snowboarding/skiing, claimed he would take me shopping while there, and that he would arrange a car service to pick me up at my home to take me to the airport to catch the flight to see him, and another car would be arranged to pick me up at the Colorado airport to go to the hotel. He claimed NSA, no sex, all he expected was that I join him for dinner each evening, and get to know each other without pressure. He kept asking for my complete name, home address, phone and more photos. I gave him the information, since he needed it to get my plane ticket and hotel room, and have the car pick me up at home. Don’t EVER give this personal information before meeting someone in person!!! It is a sure scam! He insisted I fly out the next day, and that all the reservations were set, and that when I got picked up at my home to go to the airport, that the driver would have all my travel details, and would be at my hom eat 10:30 am to pick me up. When I asked him the name and phone # of the car company, he kept not responding. He lied. I got suspicious from that and then called both the airline company and the Ritz Carlton hotel, and there were no reservations in my name or his. When I questioned him what was going on, he became very angry and used a lot of profanity towards me. This is what he wrote in an email to me shortly after I questioned him in an email:

    subject: “forget it”
    body: “You seem to be one of those classic, untrusting bitches that pretend to be honest while ripping off as many guys as you can get to believe your bullshit. I told you everything was taken care of.

    You say you [have a reputable career] yet you depend on random guys by using your fading looks rather than your brain.
    You aren’t worth my time and I hope you get yours one day soon. I will
    still bring you out if we can agree on a price for your services.
    [You think you’re a pretty girl?] – please! Lose my number otherwise.

    That was in response to this email I wrote to him:
    “Hi, George, I just called the hotel to confirm my reservation there, and they don’t show a reservation there, either. You said the reservations were all set. Please call me and give me the reservation #s, but neither American nor the hotel show the reservations. I’ll hold off on packing and planning to be there tomorrow until we speak and know everything is in fact set up. thanks so much”

    I think he lives in L.A. and his M.O. is to get women’s home addresses, pick them up and get them in his car (the woman thinking it is the car service company taking her to the airport), and then harm them, possibly physically even. It would explain why he would spend so much time convincing her she will be on a great ski trip with him, while in fact no resrvations are made, and yet she is being told to get into a car.

    Report him immediately to the staff if he contacts you, as I have done.

  20. Julia Says:

    As a follow-up, I forgot to mention – I had previously told SnowSnow that all I wanted was to find a nice guy for a long term monogamous relationship, and not any money/allowance, and thanked him for being so generous about paying for a fun ski trip for me, just so we can meet each other. Notice in the emaiol that I published above, how he is angry and uses profanity at me, calling me a bi#ch, etc., and then states how nonetheless, he will still have me come to Beaver Creek if we can work out a “price” for “my services”. He was already made well aware I am not an escort and not looking for that.


  21. Caroline Says:

    Ladies, be careful with this one. His name is Andy Bihain, email abih– Phone 512-970-xxx3. Lives in Austin, TX. Goes by Andyb on Seeking Arrangement, his profile number is 143955, although he creates new profiles frequently.

    He is a premium member and falsely represents his income to be $750k-1 million annually. I found out the hard way this is not the case.

    We set up an arrangement back in October – his profile listed a budget of $3-5k/mo., which matched the requirements posted in my profile. He assured me that this monthly allowance would be no problem for him. He seemed nice and I liked him a lot, so we started dating and everything was going great. He told me I was wonderful, that he’d like this to continue long-term, and then two weeks into the arrangement, apruptly called it off saying he couldn’t afford the allowance. I’m like, “huh?”

    then, the next day, he texts me and says he DOES want to continue the arrangement and wired the remainder of that month’s allowance into my account. Thought this was pretty strange, but I let it pass because he kept on assuring me he was sorry for the misunderstanding and wanted to continue seeing me long-term.

    But at the end of the first month, 3 days before my allowance was due on the 1st, with no warning whatsoever and no sign of being unhappy, he suddenly tells me that he’s run into financial woes and won’t be able to continue paying an allowance. And I’m thinking, “here we go again…”

    I say that’s fine, but let him know that it is customary when ending an arrangement to give 30 days notice so the lady can make other plans, or provide her a month’s allowance if he is unable to give advance notice (such as an emergency, which does happen). He reluctantly agreed to provide $1000 instead of a full month, saying he was broke and that’s the best that he could do. He kept insisting that he really liked me and wanted to resume our arrangement at some point in the future when his finances rebounded, and I left the door open to future contact.

    Over the next 2 months, he texted me frequently, asking to see me for free (obviously looking for sex, wanting to take me out to strip clubs, etc..), always with some story about how he had’nt been paid in 6 weeks. I always responded politely, but told him I couldn’t see him again without an arrangement in place and to get back to me when things improved.

    Meanwhile, I noticed at the same time he was still playing on my sympathies and telling me he’s living paycheck to paycheck, he was still on Seeking Arrangement, still listing his income at close to 1 million and still listing a budget of $3-5k/mo.! So I’m like, “whatever!”

    In early January, he contacts me again saying things are improving for him financially and that he’d like to discuss renewing our arrangement. He said he still could not afford the requirements listed in my profile, but was prepared to make me an offer. So I agreed to meet him for dinner to talk and see what was on his mind.

    On the morning of our scheduled date, I went to the salon and spent nearly $250 on looking my best, as I always do before a date. Then, later that day, he texts me to cancel, saying some emergency came up, so we reschedule for the following Monday. Monday rolls around and he cancels again! Then, here comes the sad story again about how his paycheck was supposed to come in on the 15th, but didn’t show up, yadda yadda yadda, and finally I just had enough and called him out on this b.s.

    I let him know that I’d seen his new profile on SA (created Jan. 2009) still listing a budget of $3-5k and asked him why he was misrepresenting his income and budget, because the story he was telling me about being broke didn’t jive with what was in his profile. He said he’d “overlooked” that and would fix the “error” (I notice it now says “amount negotiable”).

    He asked me if I would meet him again next week when he got his salary situation straightened out. I told him that no, I did not appreciate having two dates canceled in a week, was out $250 at the salon and did not appreciate the fact that he didn’t even offer a gift for my time, effort and expense on the previous canceled dates. (In my experience with SD’s over the years, the SD ALWAYS makes a deposit or sends a gift card to compensate you when they have to cancel a date.) I said I just couldn’t see myself going there again with him under the circumstances.

    He promised to make it up to me, that he would make it right, and I said fine, if you’ll reimburse me for the salon visit, I will agree to another date. So he makes a deposit into my account in the princely sum of exactly $145. Not even close to the expense I was out at the salon, which was $250.

    Obviously this guy is NOT who he paints himself to be, although at first he comes across as very generous and charming. But I had to let him know that I could not in good conscience accept an allowance from a man if it put him in financial distress, and clearly this did. He could not afford an arrangement, could’nt even come close to the amount he was advertising in his profile. I also told him that I did not appreciate his dishonesty and would have to report him to this site and other alert sites for SB’s so that other ladies wouldn’t get burned.

    Not surprisingly, I never heard from him again.

    Sorry this is so long, but that’s the whole story. Ladies, BEWARE!!!!

  22. Been Scammed By A Phony SD? Report Him Here! « The Great Pretenders: Fake Sugar Daddies EXPOSED! Says:


  23. SmartSugarBabe Says:


    This just in from the HOLY CRAP department…the Seeking Arrangement site is NOT secure, according to a recent article in the Washington Post.

    Think twice before using this site, ladies. Unless you want the whole world reading your private messages!


    A popular Web site that helps connect young women with so-called “Sugar Daddies” has fixed a major security hole that – apparently since its inception two years ago — allowed anyone with a Web browser to view the private negotiations between site members.

    This discovery highlights the potential privacy pitfalls of placing too much personal information online, and fully trusting social networking sites. Most online communities, such as Facebook, provide residents a way to keep their public and private online personas separate. In many cases, when a breach between those two worlds occurs, it’s because the user misconfigured or misunderstood their privacy settings, as I’ve documented with users of Google’s Calendar service. But when the social networking community itself is responsible for the misconfiguration, the results could be disastrous and long-lasting., an adult social networking site that boasts some 300,000 registered users, contained a weakness that allowed anyone to view any conversation thread between two members of the site merely by manipulating one or two characters in the Web site’s Internet address.

    Worse yet, potential snoops did not need to be logged into the site to read members’ private messages. In addition, identifying the parties on either end of the transaction also was simple and could be done by non-members.

    Security Fix alerted the Web site on Friday, after being contacted by a security professional who asked not to be named. Several days later, the hole was fixed.

    Brandon Wade, the ex-Microsoft employee who founded the company, placed part of the blame on outside software developers, but said internal testing should have caught the oversight.

    “We didn’t catch this in our testing phase, which means we need to put our entire Web site through another round of testing to make sure any other loopholes are covered,” Wade said.

    Such a searchable trove of personal information could be a dream find for extortionists. Consider the case of Mike, a 34-year-old, successful banker in New York who signed up at the site last year. In an online conversation with an attractive 20-something blond woman, also from New York, Mike said he’s married with a 2-year-old daughter, and looking for a discreet partner, whom he’s willing to keep in comfort between $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

    He had posted the following on the site:

    “I’m fortunate to have done very well financially. I work long hours and travel often, so there isn’t that much time left for fun. I like my work, so I’m not complaining. But for those few spare hours a month when I have some free time, I enjoy spending time with attractive young women, whose company I enjoy and who I can spoil,” Mike wrote. “I had two affairs in the past few years but those got very complicated. I’ve decided that what I need instead is a no-strings attached friendship. Someone who enjoys spending time with me and appreciates the luxuries I can provide. I’m not looking for 10 sugar babbies. Just one perfect one. I’d love to chat with you and discuss this further. Also would love if you’d send one or two pics to [e-mail address omitted]. I’d be happy to then send you my pic.”

    Mike’s profile states his net worth as between $10 million and $50 million. When contacted at the mobile phone number he sent to his prospective companion, Mike was aghast that his conversations were available to anyone who knew how to look for them.

    “Certainly, that wasn’t my expectation when I signed up,” Mike told Security Fix. “If I wasn’t worried about extortion or anything else like that then, I am now.”

    Then there was the case of the married, 47-year-old president of an investment firm in Vancouver, Canada. In his profile, he writes about his ideal match: “Hair color, cup size, race or age matter very little. That we should really want to rip each other’s clothes off matters a lot.” The “annual income” field in his profile states $500,000 to $1 million, and his net worth is listed as $10 million to $50 million.


  24. Valerie Says:

    Hello..admin of this page did Sugar kick you off the site? They kicked me off the site for starting the other blog about BAD sugardaddys so that means cares more about their 20 bucks a month from phonies than they do about women on the site being safe! They are just as bad. We should spread the word! Has anyone ever met a good SD on there?

    What about Seeking Arrangement? I just heard there was a huge security hole at SA where ANYONE could change a couple of letters in a url address and read the site member’s private conversations/messages. Scary!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    To anyone who had their membership by canceled for forwarding a blog to help other people, you can ask for a refund or report them to the Better Business Bureau. They are based in Florida and since they keep their address private, you have to report them via phone (561) 842-1918 or via the BBB website in Florida since that’s where they are based. Click on File a Complaint.

  26. Dispicable human rolled into a SUGAR DADDIE Says:

    The sole purpose of this blog entry is to expose a now, very misfortunate man. This should be read by all women who have ever been or are on these sites:

    Ok, this “mans” usernames include: “ALPHAWOLF” “LAWOLF” “NYCTOLAMAN” “BHWOLF” “DOMWOLF4U”

    I would highly recommend that all of you girls stay away from him. He is controlling and only cares if his sexual needs are met and not so much about making a girl happy. His profiles say that his age is any where from 35 years to 40 years. He is actually 45, have seen the proof on his liscense. He is very manipulative and cannot apologize for anything without making excuses for himself. He has to be in control. He bruised my arm up for a well 2 weeks after having a dispute. And not to mention that he has a communicable disease. I will let you use your immagination on that. This is a man who has no respect for women and chooses to date younger girls, I just turned 22. I am 5’9 and weigh 125 lbs and he told me to lose 15 lbs! This is a man whos only goal in life is to make HIMSELF happy, not any girl.

    I even read an email of his to another women saying that he would wake her in the middle of the night to pee in her mouth! SICK!

    I wrote this blog to caution all of the innocent females out there who get taken advantage of every day.

    PS. If you ever see him at the Equinox in W. Hollywood…then wipe down the equipment after him REALLLY GOOD!

    Feel free to email me.

  27. Mad in Oklahoma Says:

    This is what he wrote me to get my attention when I joined the site.

    Hi and how are you doing this fine day before Turkey day. I would love to initiate contact and information and would love to see you. I understand where you are going with this and loved the pictures my lady. I do not normally do this and am high profile out of Dallas Texas, well Frisco, about three hours south of you. My grandfather was the first owner of the Dallas Cowboys and built and owned Six Flags Arlington so had investing in my veins. I own a large investment bank and will tell you all about it but have been single a long time and very discreet and careful in those regards with who i have to deal with. Would love the oppurtunity to chat with you and you are a beautiful young lady. Have been single over 15 years and first, I only date African American women, better class and culture as far as I am concerned. Would like to take care of and have that one and spoil them. Would love to discuss with you and here goes the personal stuff. I never do this but would really like to hear from you. Kenneth Wynne. Hope to hear from you soon. I deleted the personal info.

    This man is such a liar and I dealt with his lies for several months. Because I wanted to believe him. He said to be a billionaire and have several celebrity friends. He told me he wanted to actually have a real relationship with me and promised me a fabulous home in any state I want to live.We talked on the phone and sent many text. He convinced me to spend the night with him.And came down from Tx to Ok and stayed at an the Embassy Suite. He bought drinks and tipped the bartender very well then we decided to have dinner in his room. Nice dinner and he also tipped the room service person very well. I thought he was real and I made the mistake in sleeping with him. Long story short he has done so much. He played several disappearing acts on me and claimed to be sick many times. He knew when we first started talking that I was 50k in debt and he said he would help me with that and that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything. He lied over and over again to me and had the nerve to tell me he loved me.Also he is a racist!! Which he claims he not but always speaks of stereotypes of other races except white. I never seen a dime and I dealt with all kinds of crap!! He also has a temper and a nasty disposition when he is called on his lies. He lives with a woman not a girlfriend or wife just a friend. But she was supposed to be moved out months ago for me to move in with him of course never happened!! He is in real estate in Frisco. Will claimed to have many house but I could not move into not one of them to be closer to him. stood me up many week-ends and just a big time liar. Ladies beware he is a user and a game player. He says he is 46 when he is 50 yrs old saw his DL. Anytime I brought up money which has been all of 4 times in 6 months. He said he would get me the money and then I wouldn’t hear from him the next two days and then he would pop back up and said he was sick and sorry we would have to talk about it when he came down to see me, but like I said earlier he always stood me up. He claimed it was never a money issue and he would take care of me. 6 months later here we are. I am still in debt and all my time wasted!!!

  28. TXSugar Says:

    Met this guy on Craig’s List who responded to my ad seeking a SD. says he’s single, just moved to Texas (NW Austin area) and owns a real estate company. 6’3″, brown hair, blue eyes, lean athletic build (so he says). Says he can provide a $3-5k/mo. allowance and asked to meet.

    I suggested a local restaurant, we set our date for 6pm. 6pm comes and goes, he sends me a text saying it will be 6:15 before he can get there. So I wait….at 6:15, another text saying it will be 6:30….and on and on. After sitting there alone for nearly an hour, he finally texts again at 7pm to say he’d like to meet me for lunch tomorrow instead!

    Of course, you can guess what I said to that! Piss Off, LOSER!

    This guy is obviously playing games and seems to enjoy wasting your time. He will book a date with you, string you along,and then stand you up.

    His name is Stewart S—k., his phone number starts with a 206 area code, (206-xxx-1962) not the local 512 area code, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Email address is: stewart.s-(deleted by admin)–

    although he claims to be a real estate mogul, he is also a “freelance producer,” whatever that is. …usually means, “ain’t got no money!” lol:)

  29. TXSugar Says:

    UPDATE on Stewart S.: Would you believe this guy had the nerve to contact me four days after standing me up and ask for another date? He’s like, “I’m so sorry, please tell me how I cn make it up to you! I really want to meet you.”

    So he offers to prove he’s real and srious by making a smalll deposit in my checking account to make up for last time. I say “ok, go right ahead. Once I’ve confirmed the deposit I’ll see you again.”

    Not surprisingly, I got nothing but excuses from him over the next several days…get a load of these: “I can’t find a bank!” “I’m too busy to leave work to go to the bank!” (ever heard of wire transfers, dummy?) and all the while kept trying to pressure me to meet him in person saying, “look, I’ve got the cash in my hand right now, come meet me.”

    I just blew him off, reminding him of the original agreement. DEPOSIT FIRST, THEN MEET. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Days pass, this guy still can’t seem to come up with the money he offered. Then, he texts me 2 days later saying —whoosh!– he’s off to NYC for a week and can’t wait to meet me when he gets back!? Is this fool delusional?

    Steer clear!!!

  30. Look out for Miguel or Ralph on Says:

    Let’s see his profile states “My own words are this: Contact me and you’ll experience sexual and sensual pleasure on a level you have yet to experience”. I think this guy is mental and he believes the bs he puts out there. Has a prepaid phone, vehicle (Scion) insurance not up to date, registration tags had expired 6 months earlier. Pulled over and received a ticket, cop was nice enough not to tow it.

    • Admin Says:

      Jessica’s original report on this fake SD was re-instated at her request. Apparently this fake SD made promises that he would “make it right” but flaked out on that too. So she asked that the original report on him be kept on the site to warn other sugar babies.

      Thanks for keeping us posted Jessica and better luck next time in your search for a GOOD sugar daddy who will treat you right!!!:)

  31. Jessica Says:

    User name: Cometodaddy
    Name: Nick
    Age: 32 – 33
    Ethnic origin: Middle eastern
    City: Los Angeles
    Occupation: doctor, surgeon, pain management
    Partial number: (310) xxx- 9876

    This guy is a total fake! He contacts me seeking an arrangement. He spins this magical fairy tale, promising me he will pay all my bills, give me spending cash, and trips. True spoilage! He would fly me out to Los Angeles every two weeks and we would spend the weekend with each other.

    A month later after countless phone conversations, of course, like practicaly every other guy on these sites, he is a selfish time waster. He is only interested just nude pictures and kinky phone conversations.

    A couple weeks before we were scheduled to meet he promised me he would deposit a grand into my checking account. I never even asked for it! Days pass-nothing. When I ask, I got the same excuses TexasugarBaby got;
    “I can’t find a bank!”
    “there is no bank on my way to work” so I have him another account from another bank, one that was on his way to work!!! Nothing!
    “I’m too busy to leave work to go to the bank!” oh, but your not to busy to call me because you want to talk kinky!?!?

    Anyways, after two weeks of dealing with this, I asked him one last time and he asked for a couple more days. I told him I didn’t believe him and that was the last time we spoke.

    About two weeks later I see him on the site and I decited to send a short sarcastic message; “good luck in your search” I put.
    He later replies “I’m sorry honey, but you to far”.

    He was the one who contacted me! He knew where I was located!
    Worthless, good for nothing, except for wasting your time! Stay away from this guy ladies, avoid the headache! Unless your in the mood to get screwed over. I hate for another sugar babe to go through what I went through. Good luck ladies!

  32. Jessica Says:

    I sent a complaint about a sugar daddy, Cometodaddy on please disregard those. We ending up working it out.Id hate for his reputation to be ruined. Thank you.

    • fakesdreports Says:

      Jessica’s original report on this fake SD was re-instated at her request. Apparently this fake SD made promises that he would “make it right” but flaked out on that too. So she asked that the original report on him be kept on the site to warn other sugar babies.

      Thanks for keeping us posted Jessica and better luck next time in your search for a GOOD sugar daddy who will treat you right!!!:)

  33. K Says:

    His name is Michael P. Bach, from Ardsley, NY. Early 50’s. He claimed to make 500K to 1 million a year, and talked about all of the things we’d do together. Trips, buying a condo at the Ritz residences, yadda yadda. He drew me in, hook, line, and sinker, and I actually wound up falling for the guy and all of the sweet things he’d say. I bought a plane ticket to go see him (STUPID move on my part, but since I needed to go to NY anyway to look at apartments I figured it wasn’t so bad), and was promised he’d take care of my hotel accomodations. When it became clear he was going to leave me in the lurch, I had to cancel my ticket and lost hundreds of dollars. He promised to pay for both my ticket and airfare the following week when his “deals” closed (which he claimed kept being put off), and when the time came, I never heard from him again.

    I did a background check on him and found that he’s got multiple credit issues, has filed BANKRUPTCY, and has lawsuits against him out the wazoo. Ladies, consider yourselves warned.

    His ID on the site is seeker10502. It’s got a picture, keep in it your memory in case he changes IDs.

  34. Ripped Off In Florida Says:

    If you encounter an ad on Craigslist or Backpage with the title “Seeking My Sugarbaby, I know you’re out there” please please please stay way from him! He will claim he is in the military, is married, has a “secret job” he cannot break which if he tells you he’ll have to “kill you”…All he wants is to sleep with you and then he’ll tell you he will pay for your mortgage/rent….email you and ask you for your mortgage information or better yet, your address so he can mail you the payments….I know of two emails he uses. He uses or He’ll call you through a computer which you can never call back and he’ll never answer your call once he’s had his fun.


    This individual has also posted identical ads on Craigs List in Texas and Louisiana, possibly in other states, always with the same headline. “Seeking My Sugarbaby – I know you’re out there.” So keep your eyes peeled for it and don’t reply to that ad!!!

  35. jade Says:

    I’ve been on for a while and have compiled a list of pathetic losers claiming to be SDs but are not and who are extremely creepy..beware of:
    – John
    – vegasgoodlife
    – MichaelSMail
    – Andy
    – ScottG

  36. Sandra Says:

    I’ve met a terrible person a few days ago. He is on in Atlanta, GA, his profile named:


    The profile of this member said he is extremely wealthy, we set up our meeting at the lounge, he came on Nissan Altima, was smelling terrible like a nasty old man. His name is Mike, he told me he’s going to pay me $200 in order to have a quick sex with me. His phone is 678-386-3089. I really had a ugly and terrible experience with this nasty cheap man!

  37. A Says:

    I have since taken down my SD account as I do not want to repeat my experiences EVER!

    Since I have taken down my account, my usernames may not be entirely accurate as I have nothing to cross-reference with, but I will do my best to be descriptive.

    Also, these are all from Melbourne, Australia:

    1. ‘Real’ name George, (username is derivation of ‘George’) said that he lives in Northcote (definitely not an affluent suburb) with a roommate and that “we could fuck upstairs.” Apparently, his roommate doesn’t mind visitors…He said he is a mortgage broker. We were supposed to meet on a Wednesday. I had a bad feeling so I cancelled. Little did he know that I am friends with one of the girls he contacted (I found out after) and she wanted to meet him on Wednesday as well, but he said he was in Sydney…which makes him a liar. This man also offered her $1000.

    2. ‘Real’ name Dwayne, (username derivation of ‘Dwayne’), from Adelaide. His profile pic is him kneeling in his backyard/garden with a dog. He emailed me and we exchanged numbers. I did not make him any promises whatsoever as we didn’t meet or even speak on the phone. He said he was going to be in Melbourne and would like to meet up. I said, on email, we’ll talk first and see what happens. He rang on a Thursday, I was busy and didn’t pick up. So he sends a text and says that he will be in Melbourne from Saturday. From Thursday until Saturday he starts ringing, and ringing, and ringing and ringing….So I decided he had stalker tendencies and would be a bad idea to speak to him, let alone meet him in person. Saturday through Monday he keeps calling, and calling, and calling…I messaged him back to “Take a hint” and to please stop texting. He replies that I’m a “bitch” and that “you girls will never learn” (meaning his behaviour has probably turned off many a lady). And he tries to blame me for making him come to Melbourne, as apparently he came specifically for me, which is strange, seeing as though we never SPOKE on the phone, how is it possible for me to make such a promise?

    3. Real name ‘Kamal’ (his username is a derivative of ‘Kam’), a businessman of Indian descent. Needless to say, he is a complete and utter sleazeball who likes to control women. When we met he regaled me of tales from his previous SB, whom he had followed by a friend. He also told me charming anecdotes about how being on GHB and coke helps you party harder. He has been on the site for 4 years, and chases SB’s all around the world by his own admission.

    4. Real name ‘Billy,’ (his username is something like ‘Badboybilly’ or ‘Billy’ something), who said he had a red porsche (though I’ve never seen it as going in a car with a stranger is dangerous). He took me out on a ‘date’ at a popular Melbourne haunt, where coincidentally, 2 of his former colleagues were there (he said he ran his own business). He went to talk with them for a few minutes, which I took as a good sign, as he wasn’t trying to hide me, meaning he was single. However, in the course of conversation, I had a feeling he was only interested in getting laid, as when I would ask him questions about himself, he wouldn’t give complete answers, just enough to finish the line of questioning and then give me this expectant look like he wanted me to mention the topic of sex. I ignored it, as I wanted to give him a chance, despite my previous experiences.

    So, we went and had a coffee, and I asked him when he would like to meet again. For the first time, he relaxed, and kissed me on the cheek like a huge weight had been taken off his shoulders. We agreed to meet next Wednesday and after which he informs me that he will be flying in early from Sydney specifically for this as he is married and “really doesn’t want to go home.” I was taken aback somewhat as he was so open about parading me in front of his former colleagues.

    The next day, he messaged me to cancel, saying that his wife would be coming to his business trip to Sydney, and of course, he couldn’t make it. I did not reply back as I had a bad feeling, and by that time, I had deleted my profile as I was tired of wasting my time with these people.

    Since the 3rd week of July until today, I have been getting calls from a private number at all hours of the day ranging from early morning 8 am, afternoon, night time 10 or 11 pm, 1 am and even 4,5 and 6 am. I was getting highly annoyed, and also I never picked up the phone as I was done with the SD website and people who call from private number always have something to hide.

    I picked up the phone, from a private number yesterday as I was expecting a Fedex. The conversation went something like this:

    Me: Hello?
    Him: Guess who this is?
    Me: I don’t know you. Who are you?
    Him: Guess who this is?
    Me: Who are you?
    Him: Were you on that sugardaddie website?
    Me: Yes. Who are you?
    Him: I’ll let you guess who it is.
    Me: I don’t play guessing games and I’m going to hang up now.

    After I hang up, I gathered from the sound of his voice that it was ‘Billy’ he attempted to call me 2 more times that day!

    Today, I was woken up from an afternoon nap by a private number call again. I hung up on it. He called again and I pressed the wrong button and the phone connected. He said, “It’s not nice when people hang up on you. There are other people, you know.” And he hung up.

    5 minutes later, another private number call came again. I wonder who it was… Why he was hiding his phone number from me, when I already knew what it was, is a bit strange and suggests his deviousness.

  38. just a sb Says:

    Stay away from Doctor4Fun or Dr4Fun on SUGARDADDIE.COM. He is a short 35yr Persian trauma surgeon from London that completely scams women! He will romance you and even offer to buy your ticket out there, but he is only into Phone Sex and trying to get naked pictures from you- and will completely lead you on for months. Not worth it!!!

  39. Shelly Says:

    I know of several women who got their memberships canceled/kicked off the site because she was trying to help women…(posting alerts on bad guys, circulating backchannel lists of scammers to avoid) Well, the same thing just happened to me on the OTHER SD site circulated a list as well trying to give women a head’s up and I was kicked off the site in less than 24 hours time.. poof I was gone.. no one to contact to tell them what happened to me.. to top it off the site has still left my profile to attract business!!!!!

    I had another list coming out that had even more perverts and fakes on it.. the sites are a waste of time and only provide lots of $$ for the owners. Very few women actually meet a real Sugar Daddy on those sites.. they are glorified dating sites with tons of perverts! Ripped off in Ohio. excommunicated from the site

  40. Despicable Human Being Rolled into a so-called SUGAR DADDY! Says:

    he sole purpose of this blog entry is to expose a now, very misfortunate man. This should be read by all women who have ever been or are on these sites:

    Ok, this “mans” usernames include: “ALPHAWOLF” “LAWOLF” “NYCTOLAMAN” “BHWOLF” “DOMWOLF4U”

    I would highly recommend that all of you girls stay away from him. He is controlling and only cares if his sexual needs are met and not so much about making a girl happy. His profiles say that his age is any where from 35 years to 40 years. He is actually 45, have seen the proof on his liscense. He is very manipulative and cannot apologize for anything without making excuses for himself. He has to be in control. He bruised my arm up for a well 2 weeks after having a dispute. And not to mention that he has a communicable disease. I will let you use your immagination on that. This is a man who has no respect for women and chooses to date younger girls, I just turned 22. I am 5′9 and weigh 125 lbs and he told me to lose 15 lbs! This is a man whos only goal in life is to make HIMSELF happy, not any girl.

    I even read one of his past emails to a women that he wanted to wake her up in the middle of the night to pee in her mouth! SICK!

    I wrote this blog to caution all of the innocent females out there who get taken advantage of every day.

    PS. If you ever see him at the Equinox in W. Hollywood…then wipe down the equipment after him REALLLY GOOD!

  41. Real Lady Says:

    Dear Ladies,

    I met this disgusting man (FRANCESCO PASARDI 41 years old, CEO and President of some worldwide Italian furniture company) who lives in Manhattan, NYC through . He pursued me for 2 months for an arrangement and since I have never had done anything similar before I was being very cautious about everything. I made an extensive research about this little man and he indeed matched to be who he claimed to be. His profile on SA is gone but he used to have in the allowance amount $10,000- $20,000 and he had a note saying : $15,000 in cash + 5,000 shopping allowance.

    Now listen to this; We agreed an amount of $20,000 per month + shopping allowance. He was on a rush to start the arrangement (meaning, have sex the first time we met) he was actually putting pressure but I bluntly refused . He had to travel to the Middle East in business and invited me to go but there was no way I d go travel with a complete stranger. Also, I was still living with my husband and travel last minute would arise suspicions. We made plans to start the arrangement when he was back. Meanwhile I made several questions and everything he was saying it was matching with his eyes, body language etc…He said that he was very generous and that I would be paid through his company, that I d be listed as a consultant in the books…I d get a W 2 tax form from his company and also the only people to know would be his accountants but that wouldn’t be a problem because Francesco Pasardi is the one making decisions and it’s nobody business what we do during the time I m with him as his consultant…One of our following conversations he said I could be paid through wire or corporate check and that I could choose which one.

    Well the day to start the arrangement came and I was very nervous about it…I actually thought in cancelling but give it another deep thought and conclude that I had no other choice. I need this money desperately So off I go to prepare to meet the little piece of sh** at his loft apartment in Grand Street, Soho. The day before I did mani, pedi, waxing etc…I even bought 2 pairs of shoes Dior and Gucci to take with me as he loves high heels on women….GRRRRRRRRRRR I used my Barneys CC for that. He text me before I go meet him saying ” Darling please don’t forget the routing number, account number etc so I can make the wire. I can’t wait to see you again”

    Once I get to the loft I advise him that a gf knew about it and that she had his number , address etc and should be calling me any minute. He actually invited her to come over to meet him if it made me feel more comfortable I said it was not necessary. So he served me champagne, asked me if i was hungry etc…We talked while drinking and the music was on so after about 20 min things kind of start naturally. I offer him a massage and one thing leads to the other.

    Resuming: After we had the lousy intercourse we talked for a while I suggested a round 2 which was useless and welcomed but everything was ok, he started talking about this summer how great it would be in his Hamptons house, that i d help him organize glamorous parties and for me not to worry because by that time i d be already divorced and have my own place to live. Right…He had the nerve of asking me on my way out if I’d prefer to go shopping with him or alone because of my marital status…

    So when I m about to leave I ask him when should I expect the wire in my account…he said very serious and with a business look ” Tomorrow my accountant will make the wire so it should be in your account in a couple of days. Do you think we could meet tomorrow night again?…I said: Unfortunately no baby, its too last minute and I already got raised eyebrows for changing plans for today.

    All this happened 1 week ago. I have been calling, text emailing him since Wednesday which was supposed to be they day the 20K would be in my account. No answer. The man disappeared I don’t think he’s dead or in the hospital. All I can think off is that he lied to me big time…I feel emotionally and physically taken advantage off. I ve been crying non stop for days now without knowing what to do. I know it’s my fault for trusting someone I don’t know but unfortunately thats how I am…and I never thought someone would go to the extreme of putting so much effort and detail into things including the involvement of his company and make it as a business arrangement and pursuing me for 2 months for a 1 time only. That is ridiculous…this is Manhattan. Plenty of beautiful women willing to open their legs in a first date.

    Anyway, I feel exploited and I do not want to let this go without trying to get my money or at least to give him a taste of what kind of damage he did to me…emotionally and financially. I have all the information about his company and the company that bought his company…I have board director emails, accountants and so on…He doesn’t know I have this info. Shall I write an email to everyone on those companies explaining what he has done. That he committed to hire me as an employee of his company and pay me 20,000 USD for consultancy services? I have emails and texts proving that we started an arrangement. I can just copy those into the email so everyone can see.

    What do you think ladies? Do you have any other suggestions on what I could do to get my money or you think I will never get it? This is not my style at all and all I want is my money but if I m not getting it I won’t just shut up and be quiet…I will at least make him look bad in front of all his work colleagues and hopefully get him fired.

  42. Christie Says:

    atch out for this fraud, Steve Fredericks from, he is listed as living in New York, Fort Myers, Wyoming and New Hampture. He claims that his gradfather developed Rolaids and that he has extensive trusts from his family and makes a great living by his 3 other businesses through Fredericks, Inc. He varies his age between 34-37 when he is actually 42-45 but that isn’t even the bad part. He has NO money and NO business looking for a sugar babby. I do have a picture of him if you request it and I will gladly share it. I wish I knew how to put it in this posting. He lists his SB allowance between 10-20K monthly and offers a 3 to 5 year contract. Oh my goodness, where do I begin? He didn’t show up in my town like he was supposed to. The first time he got sick and the following week when he was scheduled to arrive, he was a no-show. The next day he calls, claiming he was in a car wreck and cannot fly so he will purchase a flight for me. Mind you, this is after promising me the world. He wants to go to Disney and he says he booked the Marriott Resort. Okay, I arrive, he is driving a 5 year old Jeep Cherokee, all dirty inside. His bottom teeth were rotten from dipping or something. He says he got transfered from the Marriott to another 4 star resort, which ends up being a motel….oh my God! I slept in the second bed in that motel the first night and booked us at a resort the next day, he complied, only so he could try to get some action from me. Stupid me, falls for his lies about traveling to my town the following Monday to open an account in my name. He e-mails me the itenerary to confirm his authenticity though it was really just a copy of the flights. I checked with the airline, he was not confirmed and when I confronted him, he disappeared.

    Note to the unexperienced Sugar Babby – Do not consemate the arrangement until it has been fully executed financially. There are many scammers out there who will pay for your ticket, the hotel and your meals and send you home with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth because you just got scammed. Please if this has happened to you, come forward list this scum bag and protect your fellow SB.

    Good luck to all of you. I hope everyone find their perfect match!

  43. Linda Says:

    I’ve been a female SB members of the SeekingArrangement site for about a year now and the only people I’ve ever met thru that site are losers.

    At first I thought, “is it just me?” (This isn’t likely as men always find me attractive)


    I’ve changed up my profile several times, always with new pics & info, and it’s ALWAYS THE SAME 20 GUYS WHO WRITE. Most of them are spam, selling something, or trying to date you for free. They have NO MONEY! LOL

    Or maybe it’s the SA staff sending these “too good to be true” emails out to new members to keep the ladies interested for awhile…after all, they do need our pretty pictures to attract paid male memberships to the site!

    Food for thought, girls.

  44. HighRollerBabe Says:

    So this guy contacted me thru Craig’s List seeking a Sugar Baby. He’s from the Seattle area and said he was seeking companionship during an extended trip to my city. (I have no idea how many other cities he has pulled this in. It sounds like he travels a lot, so ladies everywhere should look out!)

    We exchanged some emails and I was clear that while I usually don’t do short-term arrangements, I would be willing to consider spending a week with him because he came across as very charming, witty and intelligent. We negotiated an allowance that met my needs, and of course he went out of his way to impress upon me that he is successful, generous, and serious. His photos also indicated that he would be someone I’d find attractive (the photos were genuine…the man I met in person matched the pics.)

    He arrived in town, we enjoyed a meal together and some nice conversation. He’s very good at convincing you that he is a nice guy. Very sweet talker.

    A few hours later, we go back to his hotel room to relax and of course he immediately makes it clear that he is expecting to have sex. Starts kissing and fondling me, pressing his erection into my side, and I had to gently stop him. I said that while I had enjoyed our evening together, there had been no talk of an arrangement and that I cannot consider having sex with someone until an allowance is securely in place.

    As soon as I made mention of the previusly negotiated allowance, he starts fumbling around for an excuse, pulls out his wallet and says “I didn’t have time to make it an ATM machine today.” (Even tho’ there is one in the lobby, LOL) I replied, “you didn’t come prepared to take care of business?”

    He seemed to develop a sudden case of amnesia about the arrangement we had negotiated (which I do have in writing, btw) and finally upon further questioning, the truth came out – he could not afford the arrangement we had previously agreed to. Pretended that he didn’t realize actual SUGAR was involved in a SUGAR dating relationship. “Oh money? What’s that?”

    He then turned cold as ice and asked me to leave, which of course I was more than happy to do! He stuffs some wadded up $20 bills in my hand (turned out to be a lousy $80 bucks! haha) and I just left, disgusted.

    When will these fools learn that you can’t have a Sugar Babe on your arm all week for the price of dinner? Sheesh!

    Obviously this guy is not an idiot. He’s well-read, educated and knew exactly what he was getting into. He is a clever scammer and might be trying this with women in other cites, so watch out for:

    Sean Emerson

    About 5’10”, medium build, greying red hair, brown eyes.

    He is in the high-tech industry and also blogs for under the name Scruffy_Scirocco. Link to his blog here:

  45. HighRollerBabe Says:

    Great – now the guy is threatening me if I don’t have his alert removed from the fake sugar daddy blacklist. Got this email from him yesterday:

    Sean Emerson ( writes:

    “I would appreciate it if you’d remove my name and blog from your little article, or a similar missive regarding you is going to headline on craigslist, and keep repeating. I’ll also be discussing this with my lawyer and possibly the Police, because last time I checked, prostitution is still illegal.”

    My reply:

    “Sounds like you need to do some research on the difference between a Sugar Baby and a prostitute. What one does is legal, what the other does is not.

    I’m sure the police and/or your attorney would be happy to explain that to you. And of course any real Sugar Daddy can counsel you on that as well, as successful and high-profile men obviously cannot afford to take the risks involved with engaging in illegal acts.

    Threats will get you nowhere with me.”

    If this guy keeps it up, or attempts to hurt my reputation I will charge HIM with intimidation, harassment, stalking, menacing, making threats and retaliation – which ARE illegal!!!

    What I find most offensive about him is that he’s one of those religious types who shows the world a persona of a “Good Christian man” (read his blog), a member of the Moral Majority while secretly living a double life. One of the worst kind of hypocrites, IMHO, is a Catholic who doesn’t think that God’s laws on fornication & adultery apply to themselves!!!

    I suppose his selective interpretation of the scriptures should have been my first clue that he would be equally selective in what he chose to remember about making a business deal with me.

    Lord have MERCY!!!!!!!!

  46. HighRollerBabe Says:

    Looks like he has already changed his email address. I sent him this legal notice and it bounced back to me as “undeliverable- user unknown” from his ISP (earthlink):

    “Do not contact me again in any form or fashion, Sean.

    Any attempts to threaten, harass, stalk, menace, intimidate or retaliate against me or my family will be reported immediately to the authorities.

    I will not hesitate to file civil and criminal charges against you if you choose to escalate this insane behaviour. You have given me cause to fear for my safety and I do not take that lightly!

    Move on to your next victim and leave me the hell alone!!!!”

    Ladies, if you get an email from someone matching this decription from earthlink ISP, or any other service like yahoo, gmail, etc…better be sure to double-check against his phone number and photo ID. He’s obviously already on the move creating a new online identity, as he knows he’s been caught now.

    I have photo of him if you’re not sure & need verification that it is the same person. Email the moderator of this blog and she will put you in touch with me directly. THanks!

  47. fakesdreports Says:

    Ladies watch out for DOMDADDY on Seeking Arrangement! He will fly you to Florida under theguise of being into BDSM/bondage. A girl on SA went to meet him last week and came back with a black eye among other injuries!!!!!

    Location: FLORIDA

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