Been Scammed By A Phony SD? Report Him Here!

November 21, 2008


In these troubled economic times, many women are looking for other ways to make ends meet, and some of the more enterprising sisters out there have found themselves a Sugar Daddy. If you’re one of those lucky ladies who has found a wealthy, generous, wonderful man to mentor and help support you, congratulations!

But as any successful Sugar Babe knows, you’ve got to kiss a few frogs to find that one Prince Charming.

In our search for the perfect SD, we run across a lot of guys who pretend to be high-rollers when in fact they are not at all what they represent themselves to be. Many of these men are serial predators who stalk SD dating websites such as Seeking Arrangement, Seeking Millionaire, SugarDaddie4Me, and Sugar Daddie looking for their next victim: a beautiful, vulnerable young woman who will fall for whatever fairy tale they spin.

Men such as these post profiles on SD dating websites, often using fake photos and multiple profiles to escape detection by ladies they have burned before. They lie about their income (easy to do since these dating websites utilize no verification process), claiming to be multi-millionaires, top industry CEOs, investment bankers, real estate moguls, famous celebrities, you name it…a mystique which quickly falls apart when they arrive for your first date in a 1992 Toyota, bring wilted flowers they just picked from a field, and their credit card is declined for the dinner bill.

Not all fake SD stories are humorous, though. While most of these guys are just harmless time-wasters trying to get laid, some of them are dangerous. We strongly encourage ladies who are currently pursuing a potential SD dating relationship to keep herself and her personal information protected at all times when meeting a new friend. You don’t know at first if he is a stalker, a rapist, a murderer, a total whack job, or just a controlling freak who wants to dominate your life. (Please read our personal safety for women page to help guide you through the various phases of SD dating while keeping yourself safe.)

This blog exists to keep Sugar Babes fully informed and safe. We are by no means anti-Sugar Daddy dating; in fact, this site is run BY successful Sugar Babes FOR Sugar Babes. The websites listed above can be very helpful tools in meeting a legitimate Sugar Daddy. We ourselves are members of several of the various SD/SB dating sites and have had excellent luck there. While the majority of men who post profiles online are genuine, it’s those few bad apples who are spoiling the entire apple cart, often enadangering the security and well-being of women.

As Craig’s List and the various SD/SB dating websites currently offer no recourse to women who have had a scary or unfortunate experience with a man they met through their sites, we felt it was time to take action.

We started this blog (which is totally independent and not affiliated with any of the websites listed above) so that women trying to find a REAL Sugar Daddy have a place to report the fakes and phonies; the time-wasters, the liars and the cheats, the bad guys and poseurs, the control freaks, and the truly dangerous.

If you’ve been burned by a man who represented himself as a Sugar Daddy, or if you had a bad or frightening experience with an SD or potential, we encourage you to report them here by posting a comment below. As long as these guys keep getting away with these scams, they will continue to burn, harass, or attack women. Only when we band together and raise our voices to out the bad guys will we finally be able to stop them.

All the fakes, flakes, stalkers, nutcases, and losers out there in the world of SD dating have made it so much more difficult for the GOOD GUYS to get a date, and have made it even more dangerous for Sugar Babes to navigate the already treacherous road of finding an honest, sweet Sugar Daddy. So let’s call the BAD GUYS out on their b.s. and expose them here so that potential SB’s will be alerted and hopefully not make the mistake another girl before her made!

ALL women looking for a Sugar Daddy should cross-reference this website and use the search box at the top of the page to research a potential SD candidate BEFORE agreeing to go out with him. Search his username or profile number to find out if he’s already been reported for bad behaviour with previous women — if you’ll take a few minutes to do this before accepting that first date, it could save you a lot of time and headaches. Who knows? It could even save your life.